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Growing up in Baltimore...I spent a lot of time with my Grandma Fran.  She had a wonderful garden in her row house across from the old Memorial Stadium and a huge 21 acre farm in Harford County that my father still farms on to this day.  As a child I was fortunate to have access to fresh fruits and veggies all year long.

Grandma Fran...was what I would term a Great Depression cook.  She knew how to stretch a meal and feed a large family, healthy meals, every day.  That is a skill!  And thankfully she taught it to me.  Her chicken noodle soup was delicious, but if I am being honest it rarely contained chicken.  Grandma would throw in whatever leftover meat she had that week, fresh produce from the garden and spaghetti noodles, broken into small pieces.   It was filling, nutritious and yummy.

The one kitchen appliance...I can’t live without has to be my Kitchen Aid standing mixer. Lifetime Brandsmakes shopping for appliances easy, everything I need is under one roof.  Anyone who knows me, knows I love to bake my standing mixer makes things so much easier.  I also love my Magic Bullet.  The Bullet is compact, lightweight and easy to carry to classes for fast mixing or chopping.

My favorite chef would...have to be Jamie Oliver.  I love his dedication to and work with children to get them healthier.  His recipes are easy and his dishes are beautiful.  Not to mention I am so very envious of his gardens.   I am also a fan of Chefs Bobby Flay and Michael Simon.  They both have such laid back personalities and a love for food that comes across in every dish they create.  They make recipes simple for home cooks and really have a vested interest in helping people to eat healthier.

Always involve your’s important to include your children in the meal planning, preparing a grocery list and shopping.  Give your children tasks in the kitchen, get them involved.  Whether it is setting the table, whisking, or for the older kids chopping salad.  Believe it or not children actually love to help out.  The trick is to never make it into a chore, make it fun!  Children love to eat foods they have made themselves.   Just make sure its deliciously nutritious!
Lady of the Manor
Melissa Sherwood


Healthy lifestyle, fun, fitness, nutrition & cooking!


Ms. Melissa, adds an element of fun to her
cooking class by using
Kizmo’s cooking products.

“The kids give me hope, from them I gain my
strength, they are the reason I stay motivated,”

states Melissa Sherwood.    She is always excited and looks forward to running, her cooking Summer Camp for kids.  With each year bigger and better than the next, with new themes, new ideas and with lots of special guest.

It is so rewarding to know are helping families get healthier and teaching children life skills that they can implement and teach to others as they grow. The stories from my students both adults and children surrounding food are so heartwarming, I actually learn from them.  I absolutely love working with the children.  To see a child try a food for the first time or plate a beautiful dish that they have created is wonderful.  I am happy that so many of my students and families keep in touch and continue to implement the life lessons we teach.

Whether I am teaching children or adults...I like to make every class fun.  I also like to blend a healthy dose of compassion, understanding and encouragement because each person I work with comes to me with their own set of personal circumstances. It is so rewarding to know that you are helping families get healthier.

Guilty pleasure...anyone who knows me knows that I am a chocolate lover!  I love a basic Hershey bar, although I am working hard to get more dark chocolate into my diet, for its health components.