We believe it is never too early to start eating healthy and learning how to cook.  Whether you have a picky eater or a budding young chef at home, our classes encourage young children to expand their minds and palates, follow recipes, work as a team and have a fantastic time cooking. There is a whole big world of food out there and we intend to take the children's minds and taste buds on a culinary journey. Our classes are diverse and encourage tolerance and understanding for different cultures and ethnicity by exploring and learning to appreciate each other through food.

Each and every scheduled class incorporates math, English, reading, science and team building skills.  The children uses these skills as the work together to prepare and share a delicious meal together.  Recipes and nutritional information are sent home with the children so that they can share it with their parents and continue what they have learned in their homes.

Our programs are much more than just cooking.  We teach life skills that children can carry with them throughout their lives.  We have seen great improvement in the following:
Self esteem; positive body image; behavior; grades; following instructions & recipes; team building skills; independence in the kitchen; a desire to live healthier and make smart food choices; an eagerness to try new foods; a desire to create healthier lifestyles.

We welcome working with children with food allergies, food aversions and special needs.  Please let us know of any health issues, allergies or special needs your child may have. We look forward to working with you and your children.

(Adult classes) Team building & development sessions are available; see below for more details.

There is no better recipe for fun than a Deliciously Nutritious cooking class!




We believe working together to achieve a common goal and dealing with the challenges that may arise in the kitchen, is a sure way to improve your lifestyle and company’s work environment.  The lessons you learn are life skills that will improve each individual’s social and cooperative tools which will make them more dynamic, focused and functional.

Healthy lifestyle, fun, fitness, nutrition & cooking!