June 24-28      Passport to Deliciousness
All aboard the flavor train as we take your taste buds on a culinary journey around the world.  We will be making stops in Asia, South America, the Caribbean, Europe and Africa.  The world is so full of flavors, and each county has its own rich history and culinary delights.  It is my great hope that this week of camp will open your children’s minds and palates to the wonderful world of food, getting them to step outside of their comfort zone and try new foods and expand their food options.

August 5-9       STEM- The Science of Cooking

We are rolling up our sleeves and using our STEM skills, configuring, calculating, measuring, evaluating, and predicting outcomes of the most delicious creations.  In this fun filled, deliciously educational week of camp, it is ok to play with your food.  This class is designed to foster children love of healthy eating and cooking, while supporting educational components that they will carry with them throughout a lifetime.

Each camp will be held at Chesapeake Christian Fellowship Church, 377 West Central Ave., Davidsonville, MD 21035.  These Classes are not designed for children with food allergies, as we will be using ingredients that may contain nuts, tree nuts, gluten, eggs & dairy. Summer Camp fees are $320.00 per week, which includes all food, supplies and tee shirt.  Classes are held 9 AM- 3- PM Mon-Fri. Before and After care fees are $20.00 each for the week and $35.00 if you need both.  

Please download and fill out the CAMPER HEALTH HISTORY FORM.
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August 19-23   What’s for Breakfast???

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, yet so many children skip breakfast or eat an unbalanced breakfast each morning.  We hope to change that through fun and interactive cooking instruction, and delicious breakfast options. By the end of the week, I predict your little ones will take a more proactive role in eating healthy and may even make you breakfast!

July 29-August 2          Chocolate Lovers

We are channeling our inner Willy Wonka’s as we create chocolate creations that are beyond the imagination.  From savory to sweet, chocolate is a versatile treat with many applications.  We are going to be sampling and using chocolates from around the world in this deliciously decadent class.  We will be having a golden ticket competition at the beginning of the week that is sure to be a blast. Parents be prepared for amazing chocolate confections to be coming home each day!

Healthy lifestyle, fun, fitness, nutrition & cooking!


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July 15-19       Baking the World a Better Place

Bring your creativity, your STEM skills, your attention to detail and your love of baking as we work together to bake the world a better place.  From macaroons, to pies, cakes & cookies, casseroles, pizzas and breads, we will delve into what it takes to be a master baker, the importance of following recipes, and how to make the most delicious baked goods on the planet.  At the end of this fun filled delicious week we will donate a variety of our goodies to local charity.  Please note *** please pack a lunch for your child each day as we will be busy baking and creating a world of deliciousness.Type your paragraph here.

This form must be received prior to camp start.